Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Half of the Blocks

Here they are, hanging out on the design wall, just waiting for more friends.

Jelly Roll Waves Quilt Along
The background fabric looks black here, but in all actuality, it's a medium gray; which makes these bright colors really pop. No, I haven't started sewing the rows/columns together yet because I want to make sure everybody plays nice before committing to my layout.

Getting Shaved

We didn't know, since we are new to owning doodles, that brushing out your doodle BEFORE going into the lake (or swimming in general) is the right thing to do. Until it was too late.

Hazel had a lot (and I mean tons) of mats in her when taking her to the groomer yesterday. It was a matter of sanity over vanity and her groomer (Picture Perfect Pet Grooming in Gladwin and Harrison, Michigan) suggested just basically shaving her down. It's more comfortable for her anyway since we are supposed to visit the 90's on Friday.

Here's her new look.

Her summer Do
She's not particularly pleased with it and seems a little put-offish about where her hair went, but in a few days she'll adjust.

I was almost not able to post my block 13 for our 100 Blocks in 100 Days challenge since the cell reception was nearly nonexistent at the campground during our reunion. But after walking up the road, and then up the hill, I was able to get a good enough connection to actually make the deadline.

After cleaning up, making notes, putting everything away and repacking things from the reunion, I can finally get back into the studio and a normal schedule. I think I function better under schedules, which is weird, because in my younger days I basically thrived on the by-the-seat-of-my-pants way of life.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hazel Update

Nothing has been written about Hazel in a few weeks and since there was zero studio work yesterday, this blog will be devoted to her.

Her food issues have been resolved. No chicken. No peanuts. She's all happy and healthy now. Save for the mats in her hair. Jim tried to cut some of them out and kinda trim her up before her grooming appointment on the 15th, but it didn't turn out so well. 

10 Months Old
We love her to death. I mean, this puppy is so loving and trust worthy. She only wants to play, whether it's with us or other critters and I don't think she would intentionally hurt a thing. The thing about doodles is that grooming is a must. Whether you take them to be professionally done, or your doing them yourself, THEY MUST BE GROOMED.

And we didn't know until recently that brushing her out BEFORE going swimming was supposed to occur. This is how we are getting all the mats. 

The groomer is going to have to make a decision on whether she will just end up shaving her completely to get a handle on them (there are many, many, many under her top coat), or actually spending the time to untangle them. I've been working on her (for as much as she will tolerate) for the past few days, but making progress doesn't seem to be happening. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Lemon Goes to Surgery

Had to do some frog repair this morning after I found a bean on the bedroom floor. Apparently Lemon has sprung a leak. 

Lemon's hole
All better.
Lemon recovers from surgery
Lemon is one of two frogs that sleep with me every night to provide weight on my feet. Without him, I don't sleep as well.

The fabrics are all cut up and I've started piecing for the Jelly Roll Quilt Along. It's kind of addicting, and I've only had to pull one set apart for incorrect placement. No, wait, I didn't end up pulling them apart; I ended up using them in another block. All is good.

Nothing got loaded onto the long arm as I got wrapped up in the project above all day. Maybe today?

Monday, July 8, 2019

Jelly Roll Quilt Along

The chosen fabrics for a quilt-along Katie and I are doing. This is an orphan jelly roll so old the rubber band surrounding the strips was dry rotted. It's time to put it to some use.

For the Busy Hands Jelly Roll Waves Quilt Along
I was going to go with a stark white background, but had more of the dark gray left over from the Selvedge project. I think the white would have gotten a little lost in some of the strips.

Block 8 and a Kids Quilt

Here is block 8 for today.

Block 8
The rest of yesterday, aside from beginning preparations for the DeGroot reunion, was working and finishing this cute kids quilt.

You are loved
I picked this top up at a recent Amish quilt auction. I think I paid $10 for the top. It finished at 43"x54" and is now complete. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but it'll be cute to look at for a few.

I need to get a few more blocks ahead for the 100 blocks challenge. We have a houseful of people showing up on Thursday and Wednesday is shot with shopping for reunion supplies, nail appointment, etc. I'm also hoping to load another quilt onto DW and keep the momentum going.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Too Confusing

The 100 Blocks block posted for the past six days have been the blocks from the previous days I'm posting. (Wow, if that's not confusing). For instance, today is block 7 that posts to Instagram. But on the blog, I would have posted block 6 for yesterday's Instagram post.

That's being changed. The day the block posts on Instagram is the day it'll be posting it here. Meaning today is a bonus day since I have to show both yesterdays and todays blocks.

Block 6

Block 7
I finished this little cutie yesterday on the long arm and actually got it bound between trips to town.

A class sampler for future use

I hope to use it to teach piecing/quilting if anybody would actually hire me teach in their shop.

The long arm is empty and my goal is to get something loaded today. I was just texting Katie about all the unfinished tops I have hanging around here and how I need to get a handle on the volume. The constrictor in all of it is batt and backs. But at least what is in inventory to finish can be started.

Between getting ready for the reunion, I can do a row, or even a block for sanity purposes and try to get some of these finished. That's the goal for the next few days I think.