Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Aaannnddd...it's a quilt! Wow it felt good to get back on the machine!


After completing the U.S.A. quilt I moved along to the DeGroot Reunion Cross. Section 13 is built. Sections 14-16 are set up and ready to be pieced. I'll work on those today.

Sections 12, 15, and 16

We have a freezing mist coming down right now and the roads are treacherous. Jim came back home this morning after attempting to get to work. It's just not safe currently.  

I'm debating on how safe it would be to start customer quilts. I'm itching to get back into them but want to maintain the safest possible situation for my customers. They will certainly understand my waiting. I don't know that I have enough time to load any more of mine since all the tops left in the tote are large to huge sizes.

This means I'm at about a two-day stand still with the long arm. Again. Hmmm?? I'll think about this why I'm piecing these sections together this morning. 

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